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My experiences.

OK Like I said experiences.
I am the Infamous Cloud Tamer, I took Dive Fox to court TV. THE JUDGE MATHIS SHOW! YEA!!!

OK so about dive. I meet dive though mutual friends of mine down in Flordia who wish to remain anamyous. Well lets just say the told my friends that his apartment complex was being taken by emminate domain and he had to move. This had to be done in 2 weeks. On top of that his fatass brother was trying to kill him. So me and my mate drove from St. Louis to Kansas City to pick up him and his shit.

So we brought him back to St. Louis. Took him in and tried to get him a fresh start. Before we brought him over he was clearly aware that we could NOT support him and he HAD to find a job within 2 weeks or he would have to move on. Well All dive did was sit on his @$$ all day. He did not apply for jobs, sat there and chatted with people all day long. My mate and I worked, now I don't expect much from people living with me that don't have a job. I wanted people to look for a job at least 3 hours a day, and keep the house clean (Ex. Dishes, sweep, mop). The ugly bastard sat on his ass all day and chatted.

Well I kept yelling at Dive Fox to get a job and Dive would yell back. He hates me now. Turns out that my mate and I found him a job at Arbys. Well with that said... Dive kept shifting different romantic interests on line. Playing his little con game with un-suspecting people who did not know who in the hell dive was. One day he found a 15-16 year old onine who was being held captive by his Uncle. Dive wanted to go run up to Idhao and save him. Well dive at the time was 22-23 (I think) so we had to be careful about this. I even talked to this kid to make sure it was all legit. I even had things tape recorded. I offered to cash out stocks to buy this kid a bus ticket so he made a decision to come down on his own. Well Brady and Dive decided against that and drove up to Idaho to pick him up. THEY WERE FUCKING AHEAD OF SCHEDULE when DIVEFOX flipped my mate's car in Missoula, Montana because of sleep deverpration. I was so scared, my mate calling me in the middle of the night telling me that they are in a hospital. Even though my mate was not seriously hurt, I can't forgive Dive for that at any cost.

Last Few Days
Well after they were stranded in BFE Montana, my mate's parents had to bail them bolth out of there on a bus ticket. Dive told us that he found a place to stay in Denver, Colorado. And he informed his work that he was quitting. We sent dive on his way w/ a bus ticket. What we had left was 1 beaten up truck belonging to dive, $1000 in personal debt, and one wrecked car in Montana.

A Month Later
After Dive moved to Colorado he got kicked out and moved to Ohio. He came back for his truck and split the scene. His truck bit the big one when it crossed the Mississippi river. We moved out of the house we were living into an apartment but my mate and I decided that we needed revenge, with a touch of humiliation, and a dab of compasiation. We turned to Judge Judy.

The Courts
Well we got all the information from the producers of Judge Judy on how to get the ball rolling. We filled a small claims corurt case and then Judge Judy backed out. But we wre going to continue the case in regualr small claims court when we recieved a letter from Judge Mathis. So we got all the paperwork filled out and we got approved to go on his show. They flew us up to Chichago in January and we stayed in a 4 star hotel with a comp on room service. Got up the next day and we got to do our little skit. I am sure it turned out better then what judge judy could have done. Anyways All said and done we got $2400 awarded to us. $200 in appereance fees. All in all we got $2600 for the car and back debt.

The Lies
Dive told us alot of shit that came out as lies when he was living with us and after he moved out. I talked to some of the KC furs, it turns out that he was being eveiced from his apartment because he lost his job and failed to pay rent, not because of emminet domain. Dive also told us that he informed his job that he quit. LOL that was funny we went into arbys on day and they asked us where dive was. We told them where he went. Turns out he did not inform his employer that he quit, and got fired.

Well I don't know much else.
The only thing I know the last tab I kept on dive was he was in the state of OHIO.

I look forward to hearing more posts on dive.
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