Devlin A Dreadwood (devlindreadwood) wrote in truthaboutdive,
Devlin A Dreadwood

first post and an accaul happening

i know im new but .. i have had my own dealings with .. dive .....

First off i wish i knew what was wrong with him. there is something wrong with this man and its obvous.

this dealing has to deal with dive though the converstation over Aim. apparently he had fallen for me or something like that because the conversations came to a point where he said he wanted to steal me from my mate and take me off to another state. when i refused he started to say some shit about having everything i ever wanted like a high end PC and all this shit.

It finaly came to the point where he said he was stalking me outside in his crown vic ready to spirit me off from my mate and that he would hurt and bring harm to my mate ..

I finaly told him where to go how fast and to not let the door hit him in the nuts on the way out. he has tried to contact me twice again in the past after that and both names were protmply baned.

Dive is dangerous. pure and simple he is a manipulative person who uses people for his own need and throws them away when he cant get anything from them anymore. I advise that if he nears you to turn around go the other way and call the cops. dive cant be trusted
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