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Dive is a pedophile!

Hey. Whats up i'm new to this community.
Lemme make my big @$$ story short.

title or descriptionOK Dive was my mate basically like 2 months ago cause I fell victem when he found me on when he was living in Dayton, Ohio. OK Dive was cool at first till he brought another fur over like 2 weeks later after he say and promised to be my mate. I was like WTF!? Everything went on a 90 degree downhill from there. Like for almost a month after a couple of fights with him and the New fur with so much drama I can make my own fuckin biography now, i just had it.
So I broke up with him. After than Shit kinda went up. Now stuck with Dive (caused I moved in with him) I feel uncomfortable. The new fur helped me and kinda "allied" with me by finding so much about dive fox from his Judge Mathias case to him with 2 charges of sexual conduct to a minor. Plus i manage to get his buddy list and he minipulated over 20 furs from to be his mate with ages ranging 13-25. Holy shit you say!? It gets better. After finding out this dude is also a whore I asked him kindly to take me out to get tested for STDs. For a week his lazy ass as usaul is on bed with his little laptop trying to get on my good side through AIM. "fuck that!" i said and took his cell. He wanted it back so i betted him i said like this, "you take me to get tested tommorrow I'll give it back. If you don't i keep it and its fuckin mine." he was like "fine I will. I got to get Gaze(our landlord) to take us." Fuck what did he do? Again lay in bed all day. So I took his cell and he babyed about it and still up to today wants it back. Well I found out about something, he didn't pay for it and it actually belonged to my landlord.
Now pissed, Jamie decides to be an ass towards me. So one day he was digging his ear with a paper clip and I came upstairs to rest cause I was helping my landlord put up drywall all day While dive played SNES games on his comp all day while we could use more man power to get done faster. So he saw me and starts making annoying noises. So I walked up to him and took the paper clip away and the bastard had the nerves to take my right arm and slam it againts the wall sevral times! I got so pissed I blasted him in the chest with my fist at full power and it was funny seeing him scream in pain while he was on the floor. Gaze came up and I explained. All he did was snikered and took me out to chinese while making Jamie babysit the dog for being a dumbass.
Now Dive became a pussy and was afraid to trifle with me. Ok enough of that!

Now as I was writing this, Dive is around PA and making his way up to NJ to pick up 2 furs and runaway with them. One 17 and the other 18. And these two furs are falling into his pit of stupidity. So far I want to take action but how and what could i do? He must be stopped before he hurts these two, especially the 17 and 18 year old. Cause I know the two and both can be more than in trouble while Dive does his stupid ass runaway game. He's a pedophile on the loose that needs to be stopped and be thrown in jail!

Did i mention when he showed me a pic of himself it wasn't bad, maybe cause it was kinda blurry. But when i saw him face to face and saw "other" parts of him I was like title or description"OMFG!" He looks like someone had walloped him with an entire ugly tree!
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