Evenwoof (evenwoof) wrote in truthaboutdive,

What now?

This is Firewolf's aunt.......Things seemed to be pretty quiet on here the past few days. I have been following the threads, etc. You guys have no idea how much help this site was in getting my 16 year old nephew away from Dive. He was missing for almost a week. The local PD and Philly PD with the help of the info on here were able to track the young man and Dive to the shelter. We got him back on Thursday. The police were unfortunately unable to hold Dive/Jamie/William or whoever this guy is as he is such a slick character. He did things like cross the state line by public transportation so it isnt considered taking a minor across state lines and such.

This guys is a threat. I am way concerned that people still think the things he does are ok. He is preying on kids. 15 and 16 year olds are kids. I was out of my mind knowing my nephew was with this guy and that anything could happen. That the had done whatever it took to get him to go with him to.......friggin' NOWHERE. I was at the 2 homeless shelter's in Philly on Wednesday trying to find Firewolf, it is no place for a young guy to be.

So what else is being done? Is anyone going to step forward and give first hand info to the police? I read the stories of him forcing himself on "young furs" and even tales of rape. Will not one step up. He has now been fingerprinted and can be picked up again.

Please don't take me as someone's "old aunt". I am a single woman that has been around the block and knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff. As soon as I found out that Firewolf was missing and that he had been in touch with "furs", it took me about 5 minutes of research to find out to enough of an extent what this is about.

I do not judge. People are free to do what they want and to and with whom they want as long as they all are consenting adults. I don't even have a problem with teens being with teens as long as no one is being forced to do anything against their will and safe sex is being practiced. Same sex, opposite sex, its all good. What is not ok, is grown adults hitting on children, yes I said children, 14, 15 ,l6, 17 year old children.

So What now???

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